Xbox One Games Will Soon Sound Better On Your TV

The Microsoft Xbox audio division has been very busy recently. In January, he announced the support of DTS: X for games, and a few weeks ago announced the introduction of the Dolby Atmos mix. Now, at the GDC in San Francisco, another step in the evolution of the Xbox One’s audio was unveiled: the spatial sound for TV speakers.

Spatial sound, if you are not familiar with it, seeks to locate objects within a carefully designed three-dimensional audio space, rather than simply delivering sound effects to your speakers. And anyone who has experienced the effects of, for example, the Dolby Atmos mixes in Shadow Of The Tomb Raider or, more recently, Metro: Exodus and The Division 2 will appreciate the enormous impact that spatial sound can have on the gaming experience. .

Before Microsoft’s last announcement, Xbox One’s spatial audio support only covered the home theater / sound bar and headphones options. However, sometime in the near future, an option will be added to the Xbox One that was designed to produce a spatial audio experience through the speakers built into your TV.

Apparently, this process is quite similar to the feature delivered to Windows 10 last year that allows spatial audio through built-in portable speakers.

Microsoft can not or will not say at this time which of the audio systems of the common Xbox One spatial audio API (Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos or DTS: X) will carry the new TV speaker utility. However, you have confirmed to me that you already have an implementation in operation in internal demonstrations.

Of course, you should not expect the implementation of this TV speaker to rival the immersive experience that space sound can offer through a complete multi-channel speaker system or a good set of headphones. Your impact will also be affected, of course, by the particular specifications of your TV speakers.

However, as long as the system works as you would expect from the implementation of a Windows 10 laptop, you should experience a wider sound stage within which object-based sounds seem to emanate from much more specific points. Make the game environment you’re playing feel more detailed and “alive”

Microsoft has not established a date on which this spatial sound can be launched in the TV update, but I will update this story with a potential release date when more information is available.