T-Mobile is expanding its industry-first anti-scam call protection service to even more smartphones

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T-Mobile announced that it is expanding its Call Verification function, the first in the industry, that alerts customers about possible fraudulent calls, to seven additional smartphone models in the coming weeks.

The feature, which uses the STIR / SHAKEN protocols that are based on digital certificates to ensure that the number of calls is trusted, was initially launched in January 2019 in the Samsung Galaxy S9 series.

Since the launch of the feature, the provider says it has alerted customers about 225 million possible fraudulent calls per week.

Here’s why now is the perfect time for the expansion of the T-Mobile Call Verified feature:

Scam calls are increasing your share of total calls in the United States. It is predicted that fraudulent calls will account for almost half (45%) of all calls made to mobile US numbers. UU In 2019, a little more than a third (29%) in 2018 and 4% in 2017, according to First Orion.
American consumers are feeling the burden of robocalls. US consumers lost an estimated $ 1.5 billion for fraud in 2018, according to the FTC.
And they are making themselves heard about it. Of all fraud complaints, impostor scams (when a scammer claims to be with the government or a well-known company to obtain money from a victim, for example) are now the main category of FTC reports.

And T-Mobile is about to benefit from expanding its Call Verified function:

T-Mobile can keep its loyal customers. The operator had the highest proportion of loyal customers for the second year in a row, with 16% saying it would stay with T-Mobile in 2018, according to the Business Insider Intelligence Telecommunications Competitive Edge Report (for companies only). But T-Mobile also received the strongest blow in loyalty compared to its rivals, as its share fell 7 percentage points YoY in 2018. Providing a tool to manage malicious calls can help T-Mobile maintain its first place for loyalty and avoid new landslides. your advantage
T-Mobile will offer anti-scam call solutions more consistently updated than its rivals. Both Verizon and AT & T are currently combating malicious calls through applications, but T-Mobile is launching its solution at the network level. Since T-Mobile plans to update its network every 6 minutes, it will constantly offer customers an updated solution instead of relying on them to update an application repeatedly.

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