T-Mobile and MLB extend partnership for four more years

T-Mobile and Major League Baseball have joined forces in recent years, with T-Mo sponsoring the MLB Home Run Derby and offering MLB.TV free to customers, and it looks like that partnership will continue for years to come.

T-Mobile and MLB have extended their partnership for four more years. This means that T-Mobile will continue to be the official wireless sponsor of MLB and will be the main sponsor of the T-Mobile Home Run Derby during Star Week. In addition, T-Mo is now the official wireless sponsor of Little League International.

As a reminder, T-Mobile customers will get a free subscription to MLB.TV again this year. It will be available through T-Mobile Tuesdays from 5:00 am ET on March 26 until 11:59 pm ET on April 1. With free MLB.TV, T-Mo customers can see every 2019 regular season games off the market live or on demand, and some spring training games are also available. With MLB At Bat Premium, games can also be viewed on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices.

That’s not the only kindness of the MLB that will be on T-Mobile Tuesdays next week. T-Mo will also offer a grand prize to the MLB 2019 All-Star Week in Cleveland, OH. Simply log in through the T-Mobile Tuesdays application or website on March 26 or March 27 and you will have the opportunity to win a trip with all expenses paid to the 2019 MLB All-Star Week, including VIP access to events selected during the week.

Finally, T-Mobile says it is working on a “national MLB ticket sales program with special offers” that will arrive at T-Mobile on Tuesdays of this year.

Today’s news is quite exciting for baseball fans at T-Mobile. The provider has been offering the free transmission of MLB.TV to its customers for several years, and is consistently one of the favorite promotions of T-Mo subscribers. While T-Mobile does not confirm that it will offer MLB.TV for free for the next four years, the extension of the T-Mobile-MLB partnership apparently increases the likelihood that MLB.TV will once again be offered for free in the future.