Packers make Brown County annual drawing tickets mobile only

This week, the Green Bay Packers are sending statements to those elected in the annual ticket raffle for Brown County residents. This year those tickets are only for mobile devices, which means that paper tickets are no longer sent by mail. A total of 25,000 fans of the Brown County Packers will need a smartphone to enter the game.

Officials of the packers say mobile ticket sales have a number of advantages.

“It’s an efficient way to distribute tickets, it’s sustainable, it’s reducing the use of paper and it’s a better way to track tickets in terms of the unpleasant elements with the potential for counterfeiting and that sort of thing.” He said Aaron Popkey, Director of Public Affairs for the Green Bay Packers.

Popkey says that in addition to the tickets for Brown County residents who are moving, all tickets for individual games available through the Packers are also mobile. Season ticket holders will continue to receive paper tickets by mail.

“Right now, in the near future, we will continue to plan to send season tickets, but that is something we reassess that could also change in the future, but now our plan is to continue having paper tickets for our season ticket holders” said Popkey.

Ticket King, located less than half a mile from Lambeau Field, buys and sells more than 500 Packers tickets in each game.

“Honestly, I think this is a test with Brown County seats,” said Travis Loftus, manager of Ticket King. “For the regular season, I could see that in the next year or two the Packers will go to full tickets for mobile devices.”

Loftus says there are obstacles, so places like Ticket King can resell mobile tickets.

“It definitely makes it a bit more challenging for us in the secondary markets, there are a couple more gaps that we have to overcome, and a couple more steps to get the tickets and sell them,” said Loftus.

Fanatics of packers who do not have smartphones are also concerned about switching to mobile ticketing.

“You know I only have the old cell phone, you know the phone and I can not get any of the tickets that way,” said Dan Keddell, who has attended 175 games over the past 50 years.

Keddell says some of the previous generations have stopped going to the games due to changes in ticketing.

“Many seniors, I already know people who no longer attend games,” Keddell said. “Everything that gets in the way of making it easier to stay at home.”

“We know there is a transition, we will help with that, as we have seen, as we move forward a year, people become familiar with it and become more efficient,” Popkey said.

Popkey advises people who need special accommodations with the mobile ticketing to communicate with the ticketing department of the Packers.