Next Generation of iPhones to ‘Revolutionize’ Photography, May Include Sony’s 3D Technology and Advanced Facial Recognition

If you have to believe in the reports, Apple is ready to revolutionize phone cameras by presenting the next-generation 3D sensors that Sony will make available in 2019. Satoshi Yoshihara, head of Sony’s sensor development team, said it is “Sure” that 3D will transform the way We take photos on our phones, with the aim also of including a faster facial recognition that can “probably identify someone in photographs from a reasonable distance”.
It is likely that the models that follow the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have a smarter facial recognition. It can alarm any person who is aware of their privacy, since it means that even those who do not have a presence on social networks can be tracked by being picked up at the bottom of the photos of strangers.

Regarding 3D technology, it is reported that upcoming phone models will have better depth effects for photos, along with some 3D modeling options that would be useful for augmented reality applications.

Although Sony did not confirm which companies are online to buy the software, Bloomberg reports that Apple is one of them. TechRadar claims that Apple is working on its own enhanced 3D sensors, which means that, regardless of the outcome of any commercial agreement with Sony, it is almost definite that we can expect iPhones with the best 3D technology ever.