New ZTE Axon V and Axon S concept images show strange camera setup

ZTE has produced concepts for the upcoming ZTE Axon V and Axon S, and the images show that both smartphones have novel camera locations that we have not seen before.

The images, presented by ZTE to the IF World Design Guide awards in the Design Excellence category, show the Axon V and the Axon S (as well as other ZTE phones such as the Axon M and the Blade 9) in all their splendor, and we can see the placement of the strange camera in great detail.

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The Axon S, a sliding phone that ZTE has planned for later this year, shows that it slides sideways, rather than upwards like the previous slide phones. The concepts show the phone in this open state and reveal a three-lens camera configuration, that the image description indicates a total of 48MP and supports a 5x optical zoom.

The description of the concept also mentions that the phone will have a screen / body ratio of 95%, with the screen containing a fingerprint sensor on the screen and a 3D camera. It will probably be an on-screen camera, possibly similar to what Samsung is planning on future Galaxy phones.

The Axon V also has an intriguing design: it’s not a slider phone, and it looks more like a standard Android phone, except for the fact that its dual selfie cameras are housed in a small wing-shaped appendage that protrudes from the upper right part of the device, creating an asymmetric outline. We are not quite sure what to do with this new arrangement, although it does not seem very comfortable in a pocket.

In addition to the unusual design, the Axon V has another distinctive feature: it will have an aspect ratio of 21: 9, a screen format that we have only recently seen on the Sony Xperia 10 and 10 Plus. The screen is a 6.8-inch OLED panel, which is larger than any of the Sony Xperia 10 phones, and just as the Axon S will house a 3D front camera.

Since the concepts come from ZTE itself, instead of being leaks, it is likely to reflect the finished phones, which gives us our first real view of the two devices. Both are expected to be released at some point this year, although “2019” is the only release date we have so far. We will keep you informed with the latest news and rumors about the phones until that moment.