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Metro by T-Mobile isn’t bringing back the $15 SIM swap fee, its automated systems just broke


Metro by T-Mobile isn’t bringing back the $15 SIM swap fee, its automated systems just broke

MetroPCS, now called ‘Metro by T-Mobile’, received some negative attention last year after it began charging all customers a $ 15 fee for the privilege of activating a new phone, even after placing a new phone. SIM card you already owned on another device. The company reversed the policy after enough customers complained, but there seems to be some confusion about the company that returns the fee.

Metro has always had a somewhat ridiculous process to activate new devices. As a remnant of when the operator used a CDMA network, you must provide the IMEI number of your device to Metro to activate. Metro withdrew its CDMA network in 2015 (three years after it was purchased by T-Mobile), so there is really no excuse for the operator still requiring manual activation, but I am deviating from the subject.

Before the drama began, Metro allowed customers to activate their SIM card with two methods. There was an online web portal / automated telephone line, free to use, or you can contact Metro technical support (or enter a store). The last method costs $ 15, but in almost all cases, customer service representatives may cancel the charge. The drama of last year’s tariff began when Metro began to prevent employees from canceling the charge, making it mandatory for all. As we previously covered, this policy was reversed shortly afterwards.

A few days ago we received a suggestion that Metro had started charging customers $ 15 for SIM exchanges. There seemed to be a lot of confusion about this, as some Metro subreddit users claimed that it only applied when devices that had not been purchased in Metro were activated, and others said that a “security update” broke the process.

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