iPhone XR colors: how to choose the right shade for you

While the iPhone XS and most other models come in a fairly common color selection, not to mention the small one, the iPhone XR is available in a wide range of bright shades to suit more styles.

At the time of writing this article, there are six colors in total, namely: black, white, blue, yellow, coral and red … you will agree, a decent amount of options.

But you must choose carefully, because while the iPhone XR is cheaper than the XS range, it is still an expensive phone, and is likely to stay with it for a couple of years, so you’ll want a color love.

With this in mind, we have created this guide to help you choose. Next, you will find images of the iPhone XR in all available colors, along with additional information about the colors and links to buy them at the best prices we can find, because although all colors cost the same from Apple, the prices sometimes vary in other places.

If you are looking for the cheapest deals on iPhone XR, we have that page here, or here we have listed the cheapest ways to get a variety of colors in advance if it is more likely to influence your opinion:

iPhone XR blank

White is one of the two most common shades in which you can get the iPhone XR: it’s a basic Apple product. Being simple, they are less likely to go crazy than some of the shades below, but it is also certain that they will be less divisive

The aluminum frame also looks more like metal here, as it is a silvery white, which is not very far from the natural color of the metal.

iPhone XR in black

Another ordinary shadow. The iPhone XR in black, like white, looks less flashy than some shades and also looks a bit more like an iPhone XS (since that phone is available in a similar gray color space). Black seems the smartest option here, somewhat underestimated.

iPhone XR in blue

This is more similar if you want to excel. The blue tone is clear and bright and, unlike the kind of colors in which you would find most iPhone models. This color makes it immediately obvious that you are using an iPhone XR, since there is no other Apple device that uses this tone, whether that is something good or bad depends on you.

iPhone XR in yellow

If you thought blue was brilliant, you have not seen anything yet. The yellow tone is the brightest color of the iPhone XR and is far from the golden sober color in which you can get the iPhone XS.

This tone is not for everyone, but if you want an iPhone that stands out visually in the crowd, this is the place.