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Huawei has its own mobile OS ready in case it ever needs to ditch Android


Huawei has its own mobile OS ready in case it ever needs to ditch Android

Huawei has its own mobile OS ready in case it ever needs to ditch Android

Given the assault situation in Huawei these days, it probably should not be surprising that China’s smart phone brand is thinking about “what would happen if not” and emergency scenarios, even when trying to maintain a normal facade. Case in point? Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei’s consumer products division, said in a recent interview that the company prefers to work “within the ecosystems” of US companies, specifically Google and Microsoft, for their smartphone operating systems. For now.

According to Yu, however, if the push ever comes, Huawei actually already has its own smartphone operating system ready to function should it eventually become too troublesome to continue relying on US companies. Yu referred to a point in the future where the company could start using its own smartphone operating system already prepared as “Plan B” for Huawei.

In his interview with the German newspaper Die Welt, Yu shared everything from his general assessment of the smartphone market to some advice on a variety of innovations and new products that Huawei has up his sleeve.

For starters, the company has just presented its first folding phone in the form of the Mate X, and Huawei’s leadership is already thinking about how fast the company can accelerate things to the point where the prices of the folding phones fall from the four-digit mark is “At the beginning”, says Yu, according to an English translation of his interview, “the (foldable) smartphone is sold primarily as a premium product, but later it will also push in the price segment With time, we can push it below 1000 euros ($ 1,123), for that we need one or two years, later maybe in the range of 500 euros, that will take more time.

“Of course, it also depends on how well the device is accepted. We can accelerate mass production at any time. “

Meanwhile, there is much more in Huawei today than the production of folding phones. Huawei has just announced that its Mate 20 line has crossed the threshold of 10 million, which helps the company to approach one of its most ambitious goals.

Huawei, which is launching its P30 and P30 Pro later this month, will also move, according to Yu, “to Samsung and will become the market leader (global smart phone) next year at the latest.

Yu believes Apple will probably move forward with a collapsible iPhone, but not this year and probably not in 2020 either. In addition, Huawei is working on some really large screens, Yu continued, in the 100 to 200-inch range. Therefore, it will definitely be interesting to see what the consumer electronics giant is preparing in that regard, and also on a variety of other fronts.

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