How to Unlock iPhone 4, 4s Without Passcode use with a different carrier

how to unlock iphone 4

Thousands of people have unlocked their iPhone 4/4 in the last year but all peoples are worried about how to unlock iphone 4 I want to share with you the most reliable iPhone 4 unlocking services so that you too can experience the benefits of this.

Unlocking will allow you to use your iPhone 4 / 4s abroad or get a cheaper deal with a different network at home. In fact, it can be completed with one of the following unlocking services in a short time and for a reasonable price.

Before going into details about the best services to use, I must warn you of two things first: unlocking software and also unlocking hardware.

Unlock your iPhone 4: avoid unlocking software for iPhone 4 because it is a scam

You’ve probably seen an advertised software that says you can unlock the iPhone 4. There are many available, but none of them works. They are simply designed to get your money. Some of them are really well designed to make it look legitimate and like to unlock the device for you, however, you will end up disappointed. I certainly did and now I know that I should never trust a software unlock again.

How to unlock an iPhone 4 without an access code: I do not recommend unlocking hardware

Unlocking hardware from iPhone 4 The difference with unlocking hardware is that it really works. The problem is that it takes a long time to complete and that’s why I do not really recommend it.

You must place the order in a tray of the SIM card of China to complete this process and, as you know, the delivery is not cheap or fast.

Doing this will also void your warranty. So let’s say it ruined the installation of the SIM card tray. Well, bad luck because nobody at Apple will be willing to help you.

How to unlock the iPhone 4: IMEI or network unlocking is the best method to use

My advice that I give you from my experiences of how to unlock iPhone 4 / 4s is that unlocking IMEI is the best way to unlock your iPhone. This method takes the code that is unique to your iPhone device (IMEI code) and adds it to Apple’s own database of unlocked iPhone. So it will not interfere with your warranty or anything like that.

You will also receive a good email within a day confirming that your iPhone 4 / 4s has been unlocked and that you can now use it on another network. This method involves little effort and that is why it is the best to use.

Now I want to tell you all about the different unlocking services that will carry out this process on your iPhone 4 / 4s. They are in order of preference with my favorite first.Also you can learn here how to unlock iphone x in our other article.

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1. iUnlock Pro: nobody can compete with this service to unlock the iPhone 4

I’ll say immediately that iUnlock Pro is the best service I’ve used to unlock the iPhone 4, 4s. It is difficult to even approach these guys with their experience.

I used them for the first time to unlock my iPhone 4 a few months ago. The result was that I had an unlocked device in about 12 hours, which is a really fast period of time considering what its end means to get the job done. His customer service was fantastic, too, and iUnlock Pro answered all my questions, no matter how ridiculous they seemed.

If you want a fast and reliable unlocking of the iPhone 4, it is very difficult to see beyond these guys to do this. I would recommend that you visit their website for more information, but I can guarantee that it is the real deal.

2. Apple Unlocker to unlock iPhone 4 / 4s

When compared to iUnlock Pro, this service can not compete, but nobody can do it. Basically, they offer a way of working to unlock the iPhone 4, 4, but they have their drawbacks.

For some reason, they do not offer many of the major payment methods you would expect from a service like this and your website is not the easiest to find. In fact, it can be quite confusing at times, but once you fix it, you can get it unlocked, but not as fast as iUnlock Pro.I would say that Apple Unlocker is the second best service on the market at the moment, however be sure to check out iUnlock Pro before visiting its website for an iPhone 4 unlocking.

3. IMEI codes

Finally we arrive at the IMEI codes. Another backup of iUnlock Pro and, like Apple Unlocker, has its drawbacks, but it will continue to unlock IMEI for iPhone 4 / 4s.

Your problem is that your customer service team has an age to respond to you. I just had some very basic questions to ask, but it took me an eternity to get an answer, which is a big problem for an impatient guy like me. iUnlock Pro contacted me in less than an hour.

I would say use them if the others are not available and your website is here, but always opt for iUnlock Pro first.

I hope this was not too long for you, but I wanted to give you an overview of what I think are the best iPhone 4 unlock methods. Here are some things to remember:

  1. Do not try software unlocks because they do not work.
  2. Avoid unlocking hardware due to warranty issues.
  3. Unblocking network is the recommended route to take.
  4. Of all the methods I mentioned, iUnlock Pro is the safest.

Greetings for the reading. If you unlock the iPhone 4 / 4s, you can use your iPhone in situations where you would never have thought possible, in another country, for example.

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how to unlock iphone 4
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