How To Play Your Steam Games On Android And iOS Devices

Later this month, Valve will present a remarkable extension of its Steam Link service in the form of two free applications that will allow players to transmit their Steam library to smart TVs, iOS and Android devices.

In 2015, I made a bold, albeit flawed, prediction: Microsoft would allow the transmission of PCs to Xbox, including its Steam library, and put the nail in the coffin of Steam Machines. Hey, we can dream, right? Ironically, the valve itself sealed the fate of its own Steam Machines with Steam Link, a small economic box that allows you to transmit your games to any TV in the house with an HDMI connection.

Now Valve is extending that functionality to iPads, iPhones and smartphones, tablets and Android TVs when you start the Steam Link app the week of May 21. The application will also support the Steam driver, the MFI drivers “and more” on both platforms.

Valve has stated that the Android version of the application will initially be launched in Beta.

Obviously, you will still need your main gaming platform to perform the task, as well as a solid Ethernet or 5 GHz wireless connection. It should not be necessary to have a Steam Link box on this occasion, since Steam already has a built-in streaming service to stream less powerful PC and Mac games (unread: games).

This is the same functionality that devices like Nvidia Shield have offered for years, but in a significantly less expensive solution.

Valve will also launch a free Steam Video application later this summer, achieving the same functionality for its Steam movie library, probably without the need for its host PC to be turned on. This application will work through the LTE connection of your phone in addition to your home network. Normally I do not use my movies on Steam, but it is clear that it is Valve’s effort to get more users to access the service. For frequent travelers who have created a decent collection of videos on the platform, I imagine it is a dream come true.