How to block phone numbers on any iPhone

how to block a number on iphone

Unwanted phone calls are part of everyday life, but the iPhone offers several ways to avoid being a nuisance. Techspotpoint explains how to block phone numbers in iOS, as well as other ways to prevent those calls and messages from reaching your mobile devices.

how to block a number on iphone

There are a lot of reasons why someone would prefer not to receive calls, but at the top of the list there are probably telemarketers. People who call coldly in search of a sale and other organizations looking to acquire new customers or change the mentality of people during an election can be annoying, especially if they try to call several times a day.

While there are official “do not call” records in several countries, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, they help limit calls from legitimate sources, but not all. Certain types of calls are exempt from the rules, while some unscrupulous signatures and swindlers simply ignore the list altogether.

The final defense against these calls ends up being a user’s smartphone, which can be configured in several ways to answer calls in different ways. This includes the built-in iOS blocking system, as well as third-party applications and, in some cases, thinking outside the box.Also you learn at techspotpoint how to restore iphone in our other iphone related post.

Lock in Phone, FaceTime, Messages

There are numerous messaging systems available, each with its own version of blocking systems, but for this guide, we will focus on the three main sources of unwanted communications: the Phone, FaceTime and Messaging application. The three also work in roughly the same way.

In the Phone application, go to Recent and find the contact or number you want to block, then press the “i” icon next to it. Scroll down to the bottom to find the option to block this caller.

For FaceTime, tap the “i” icon next to the contact, scroll to the bottom, and tap Block this Caller.

In Messages, tap a conversation involving the number or contact, and tap the “i” icon next to it. In the next panel, tap the name or phone number, scroll to the bottom of the contact details to find Block this Caller, and tap it.

Once blocked, calls from certain contacts will not show a notification on the iPhone, but the caller will have the option to leave a voicemail. Messages for contacts and blocked numbers will also fail on the screen.

Block management

To see a list of all blocked contacts for these three applications, you must go to Settings. Select Phone, Time or Messages in the list, then Blocked or Call barring and identification.

To remove people from the list, click Edit in the top left corner, then the red minus symbol on the left of the contact or number, then Unblock.

This screen also offers another way to prevent communications from contacts. Select Block Contact or Add New to bring up the contacts list, then select the contact you wish to block.

Spam extras in iMessage

If you are getting communications though Messages that pass through Apple’s iMessage system, you also block messages from non-contacts.

In the Settings app, select Messages, then under Message Filtering, turn on Filter Unknown Senders. This will create a new tab for Unknown Senders in Messages, which will hold all communications of this type, but crucially without notifying you when they arrive.

You can also report iMessage spam from unknown contacts directly to Apple. A warning below the message will tell you “The sender is not in your contact list”, with an option to Report scrap.

By touching this, the sender’s information will be sent to Apple and the message will be automatically deleted, but will not block the contact. The ideal is to block the number before informing Apple.

For SMS and MMS messages, this reporting option will not inform your provider of the message. It is the reader’s responsibility to verify the operator’s support services to find out how to report spam messages.

Filtering calls with third-party services.

If manually blocking unwanted calls from unidentified numbers is too much work, or if you want an advance warning of whether it is safe to answer an unknown number or not, it is possible to automate the process by installing one of several third-party detection services. Applications like RoboKiller and Mr Number can, for a fee, automatically search for the identities behind the numbers, warning if the call is likely to belong to some type of scam or is used to commit fraud.

Some operators also offer similar services to their customers, such as AT & T Call Protect. While it only works for AT & T customers in the areas of operator coverage, as well as some other limitations in the blocks, the application itself is free, making it an option for some iPhone users.

Once installed, applications can be enabled and disabled through the Settings application, in Phone, then Call blocking and identification. In the section labeled Allow these applications to block calls and provide caller ID, check each switch to activate and deactivate individual applications.

If you touch Edit on this screen, you can also drag the applications to a priority order, with the second application enabled or later to show your results if the first application can not find the number.

An alternative: whitelist.

If you only want to receive notifications on your phone from people you know, consider the option Do not disturb enabled as an extreme form of inclusion in the whitelist.

Within the Settings application, select Do not disturb, then navigate down to Allow calls from. Touch this and select All contacts, or the group you want to call. This will automatically suppress notifications of unknown numbers while Do Not Disturb is active. .

There is an option to allow repeated calls to pass. As this will allow a second call from an unknown number to pass automatically if it occurs within three minutes of the previous call, this could be left on if the callers of spam or telemarketing trying to communicate with you have a larger gap between attempts to Contact.

Note: that this method may interfere with other notifications you may want to see on your iPhone or iPad.

Another alternative is to make a silent ringtone and use it for the default tone on your iPhone. At the same time, it gives you a non-silent custom tone to which you want your phone to ring. This does not block calls, but your iPhone will not bother you when you receive the annoying calls, at least.

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how to block a number on iphone
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