Google Launches Algorithm Update to Little Notice

  1. Once or twice a year, Google releases a broad central algorithm update. The March 12 update, called Florida 2, was typical: without prior notice. Google recognized it only after industry leaders responded with questions about the performance changes they saw on a lot of sites.

Some algorithm updates are specific in their intent. Panda and Penguin’s famous updates in 2011 and 2012 focused on low-quality content and linking practices, respectively. The update of payday loans in 2013 focused on the sites that obtained the highest score in queries associated with turbid industries, such as high interest loans and pornography.

Extensive kernel updates are not intended to affect tactics or narrow search optimization sites. Its purpose is to improve the relevance of search results in general.

Florida 2

So, what impact did Florida 2 have? The search engine optimization industry is not yet secure. There was definitely movement in the rankings on March 12 and 13.

But when it comes to what Google has pointed out in this update, it’s too early to establish a pattern, if it exists. Since it is a central update, there may not be a distinguishable pattern to identify. (There were also peaks in early March and February in clearly defined points that Google has not recognized).

Why Florida 2?

Brett Tabke, founder of the PubCon conference and the online WebmasterWorld forum, speculates that this central algorithm update is behaving in a similar way to the original Florida update in 2003, which softened some of the impacts of previous updates. As such, he nicknamed this Florida 2.

According to Tabke, “Originally, Google’s orientation was that it was going to be one of the biggest updates we’ve seen in” a very long time “(his words). So far, that does not seem to be the case.”

Others in the industry question this and deny the similarities with the original Florida update.

Examine your site

In any case, what matters is the impact that Florida 2, and any other algorithm change, has on the natural search traffic of your site and the resulting revenues.

In your web analytics program, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, go to the report that shows the natural search traffic. Segment Google only.

Did you lose or win a number of visitors on March 12 or 13? If the answer is affirmative, Florida 2 has affected it or its developer team has made changes to its site at the same time. Ask them to be sure.

Then go to the Google Search Console and review the messages for any problems related to manual penalties or problems with crawling or indexing. Check the Performance tab to see your average ranking, impressions and clicks to verify that it shows a similar image on March 12 and 13 as your website.


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