Gmail and YouTube hit with massive outage that sent the internet into a panic

What is the first thing you do when you drop a popular service that you trust? Why do you panic and go to social networks to warn everyone that the end is near, of course! Starting at 10:00 PM EST on Tuesday night, users around the world began to notice that something was not right with several Google services they trusted. Early reports suggested that something was wrong with Gmail, and the volume of those reports increased exponentially. Yes, Gmail was really down … but things did not stop there. Google Drive would follow quickly, and users could not connect and access their files.

As if all that was not bad enough, YouTube soon started having problems too. An interruption of Google Drive is annoying and a Gmail interruption is obviously worse. However, YouTube was the last straw, and users went to social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter to ignore the fact that they watch their favorite creators.

The popular site tracking website Down Detector shows that reports of service interruptions both Gmail and YouTube began to appear on the web around 10:00 pm the night before. Unfortunately, it was not just a small problem.

Google confirmed on its G Suite Status Dashboard site that it shows performance information for a wide range of Google services that Gmail and Google Drive disconnected overnight. The site stated that users were seeing “error messages, high latency and / or other unexpected behavior”. The Google Cloud Status Panel of the company also confirmed the interruptions.

Gmail closed his google plus product

“We are still seeing the highest error rate with the Google App Engine Blobstore API. Our engineering team is investigating possible causes,” Google said in a statement on its Cloud State Board. “Our engineering team is currently carrying out mitigation work. We will provide another status update before Tuesday, 2019-03-12 20:45 EE. UU / Pacific with the current details “.

Fortunately, the interruption of Gmail and Google Drive did not last long and services began to connect online after approximately two hours. The interruption of YouTube lasted considerably longer, and interruptions continued to be reported several hours after the site was initially disconnected. The good news, however, is that now it seems that the service has been restored in all areas. That means that many people will wake up on Wednesday morning and will not know anything. They will be able to access their email files and Google Drive as if nothing had happened. Much more important, of course, they will be able to see the last very important episode and nothing stupid of Pew News.

Oh, and we mention the bittersweet irony in all this? Google sites and services rarely fall. In fact, this was the biggest and most widespread interruption in a long, long time. What is so ironic? Well, it happened that it happened on the 30th birthday of the Internet. If there is a better way to celebrate than by reminding people of what life is like without their precious web-based services, we are not sure what it is.