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Galaxy S10 selling surprisingly well? I went to T-Mobile and AT&T to find out


Galaxy S10 selling surprisingly well? I went to T-Mobile and AT&T to find out

Galaxy S10 selling surprisingly well? I went to T-Mobile and AT&T to find out

Someone had suggested that a phone sold better than expected. And when that person was a highly regarded analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, I was forced to investigate.

Last week, Kuo allegedly sent a note to the investor in which he said he had increased his estimate of sending the Samsung Galaxy S10 by 30 percent.

Why? Because elements such as the phone’s ability to charge other phones, its wide range of cameras and its ultrasonic fingerprint reader on the screen moved hearts, minds and pockets around the world.

So I went to a couple of stores in the Bay Area to see if they had witnessed any indication of this movement.

First, I went into a T-Mobile store. Overall, I’ve found that T-Mobile has the most polished and talented customer service staff in recent years.

And my wife still proudly grabs his S7. Can you tell me something that would amaze you so much that the S10 range became a necessity?


I asked one of the good sellers of T-Mobile what made the S10 attractive. Would I start with the cameras? Or would it go for the democratic burden?

“It’s the first 5G enabled phone,” he began.

“5G? How long will that take to happen?”

“We’ll have to wait until the merger with Sprint is completed and then we’ll have to install more towers, so maybe a year.”

It’s not something I’ve ever considered, I admit. But was this phone really all that? He offered me the fastest processors and the charm of the democratic burden. He never mentioned the fingerprint sensor.

However, I felt that I was not convinced of the magical powers of the phone, although it is clearly a very nice phone. “I’m still not sure about the pinhole camera on the top right,” he said. “I’ve got used to the notch of Apple.”

I asked him what kind of phone he had.

“I was with Android for a long time, but now I have an iPhone 8. Android batteries have always been sold out in a year,” he said.

He added: “But this S10 should be better, and his wife should update her S7 very soon because her connection will deteriorate in seven to eight months.”

I asked him if he had seen any signs of greater emotion in the S10.

“I have sold one in pre-order,” he admitted.

There was even a very happy man whose opening tactic was quite shocking: “The S10 is much better than the iPhone XS”. Eks-Ess pronounced it, as so many people do.

“So you’re going to get one of these?” I asked.

“No, I have an iPhone, it’s too annoying to change it, I’ve been with Apple since 2008.”

I digested this while feeding his speech. It started with the series of cameras.

Then he proceeded to show me how great they were. Ok I try. Actually, he fought. In the end, he gave up.

“Look, I’m Apple’s expert, the guy from Android is there with the customers.”

However, he persisted. With something of a marginal non-sequitur.

“Do you have DirecTV?” I ask. “We have a very good deal, and if his wife moved to AT & T [she’s a Verizon customer], I could get free internet.”

“For a month, right?”

“No, for life, AT & T only wants your number, so we give away the internet to get it.”

This vendor demonstrated the ultrasonic fingerprint reader. It did not work, and I’m not sure he knew how to make it work, but he should not be deterred. He went over a list of specifications and insisted that they would make my wife happy.

Ultimately, however, he said: “To be honest, the S10 is the best phone at the moment, but in six months it will be the iPhone again, that’s what these companies do.”

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