Galaxy S10 Plus ceramic vs. glass: Which phone survived our drop test?

The new Galaxy S10 Plus from Samsung has the same curves and aluminum frame as the previous models. It’s a combination of excellent looks that has not been as good to survive our fall tests. The glass backs on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 cracked in the first fall from hip height.

This time, however, the glass on the front of the S10 Plus is made of Gorilla Glass 6, while the back is covered in Gorilla Glass 5 or ceramic, your choice. Previous models had Gorilla Glass 5 on both sides.

But buying S10 Plus ceramic will cost you at least $ 250 more than S10 Plus glass. The reason is that the base model of $ 999 with 128 GB of storage on board is only available to recover a cup, once it reaches the 512 GB or 1TB models, it automatically switches to ceramic. Apart from the greater storage capacity, the main reason why you would spend more on a ceramic model would be durability. Samsung notes that ceramic models have added strength, durability and scratch resistance compared to their glass counterparts.

To test Samsung’s claims and discover how resistant the S10 Plus ceramic is to glass, we submitted an S10 Plus glass in prism blue and a S10 Plus black ceramic to a drop test.

It is worth noting that both phones come with a pre-installed screen protector outside the box. Samsung recommends keeping it on phones, that’s how we leave them.

Drop 1: Hip height (3 feet), back side down

I started with a fall from the height of the pocket, or approximately 3 feet (90 cm) with the back hitting first to test the two different materials. This is a natural height from which people tend to drop their phones. This is also the same impact that cracked the back of our Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8.

The aluminum frames of both phones cushioned the fall a bit, but both hit the side first as planned. The glass bounced on the ground, flipped into the air and landed with its back up.

Glass S10 Plus

Immediately I could see that the back glass of the phone had survived with just a bit of debris from the concrete sidewalk and some small scratches on the glass right where it curved to find the aluminum frame. The screen protector on our S10 Plus glass already had some bubbles and debris after inspection, but nothing too serious in the front. Most of the damage was in the frame, with some scratches on the top edge between the glass where it probably hit first.

Ceramic S10 Plus

The ceramic S10 Plus had similar damage, with only two tiny spots of lighter color in the upper right corner of the ceramic back, and some scratches on the aluminum frame.

Drop 2: Hip height (3 feet), screen side down

Next, we repeat the same drop, but with the screen facing down. At this point, both phones still had the screen saver on.

None of them landed completely on the floor, but first they hit the screen, then bounced, turned around and made their last landing screen up.

Glass S10 Plus

The screen protectors of both phones were damaged noticeably, and pieces of cement remnants made bubbles below the surface. I decided to eliminate them at this point because they interfered with the visibility and I need to evaluate the damage below. Only the sides of the glass screen that the screen protector could not cover had some visible damage. There were some minimal scratches in the bottom corner of the glass, but the most visible scratches were again in the frame.