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5 Benefits of Android Web Development

Among all the addresses, where a basic language for development is Java, the application and web development for Android developers are the ones that know less about the knowledge of this particular programming language. The Android operating system is a platform of rapid development. Almost every year there is a new version, which includes new features for users and developers. In this sense, your work will not be a routine, there will always be something new to improve.

What are the advantages of Android web development? They say it’s not really easy to use. Yes, it was before, but now Android has reached a high level of accessibility for its users, so it can be easily understood and used.

Except for its obvious advantages such as multiple operation and a variety of options for development, it has even more positive aspects for programming.

What can you gain with the development of applications for Android?

Let’s say that it was never easier to learn old Java or the new language of Kotlin since all expenses will be reimbursed. The world market is full of devices and devices on Android, which means that it is possible to hire an Android developer, who has enough knowledge to develop useful and useful applications for anything. When you think about the development of Android, the first thing you should think is that all efforts will be paid over time. Below we describe the 5 most solid benefits of Android programming.

Easy application distribution

The popularity of this platform implies a wide diffusion. Android has the largest audience of users, and there are many chances that your application will be noticed and bought by a large number of people. With Android, you will not have to use only on Google Play, which is the official application market. You can use any other third-party application distribution resource and even create your own distribution channel. This will lead to greater market penetration and help you gain a wider audience.

Easy development input

Android has a low barrier to enter. The SDK is available to developers for free, which significantly reduces development costs. The cost of application development can be divided into three main parts: development, testing and implementation. Of course, you must pay an enrollment fee to distribute the applications. Then, you can use any device to create a product, attract small investments and increase user interest.

Diverse design

Mobile and web development on Android is equipped with comparable visualization tools. You can write XML files that contain drawing instructions, which leads to the correct display of the application in all the variety of screen formats of Android devices. In addition, Android provides developers with icon sets, so it is not necessary to hire third-party services.

Unique instant applications

The idea of ​​instantaneous applications, which Android proposed in 2016, is finally gaining momentum. Thanks to this technology, users can access the functionality of the application without downloading it. For users, the benefit is obvious: the concept of “try before you buy” allows you to save time in reading reviews and test the features of the application. This feature reduces random downloads and the number of users who abandoned the application.

Application security

An improved version of the Android application Security is now available. Today, mobile devices contain a lot of personal information and users expect the security of their software to prevent the leakage and misuse of personal information. Google is constantly working to improve the security of the Android operating system. The development for Android became more secure and this feature plays a really important role, as it increases the flow of customers in the Android market.

Remote work in Android development

Learning all the crucial features can take some time, but as you develop more skill, you become more skilled. Get Android development makes it possible from anywhere you prefer. If you do not just work in an office, you can find yourself in very comfortable conditions, which you can create whenever you want. The popularity of remote work is explained with several simple points: the remote employee can have the same social package as the office, often the same benefits, the same corporate events, business trips, paid conferences, but you do not have to waste time in the way. to a place of work. If the company is abroad, the money transfer is negotiated individually, usually a Swift payment. Previously, the remote control was almost the same as freelancing, differing only in the duration of the contract, but now more and more employees work remotely or partially.

Future trends of Android web development

We collect the opinions of several C-level executives of leading companies in the world about their vision of the future of the platform.

Peter Wellens: “Instead of creating new applications, budgets will focus more on centralization and the implementation of additional functions in existing major applications.” The idea is not new, but it was never implemented before. Dozens of applications are loaded on our smartphones, and we want to expand your list. Not in vain, the device’s memory runs out quickly. We are facing a good Android user interface, although it even has the next level. Engaging users means fostering key technology trends in older applications, taking an interest in what people really need.

Arif Nazir: “Mobile computing will go through another transformation, this time on a much larger scale. With machine learning as a central theme, mobile computing will become more ubiquitous, automated and more user-centric than ever. ” An impressive pace of technology will even influence the development of Android. There are already the first signs of the future implementation of AI, AR, Blockchain in applications, so this trend will be further expanded in the coming years. We only hope that it influences not only applications such as Instagram and Facebook.

Bottom line

These features and trends shape the development of Android like never before. Now it is more competitive and, at the same time, it did not make the platform complex for programmers. Android allows its developers to make a unique and innovative product. Experts estimate that the platform is fast growing and multifunctional, so being part of the community allows you to develop a great career and be a creator of future trends for Android users.